A remodel means to change the character of a house or a portion of a house. So when you convert a den into a master bedroom you’re remodeling the den. When you combine a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen you’re remodeling the kitchen and dining room. FST General Construction can remodel any room in your home. The only limit is your own imagination.

Custom Home

A home where everything is as you dreamt of? You might find that it is not a realtiy — but there’s a solution to your dilemma. Stop trying to find the ideal pre-existing home and simply build one that is everything you seek. Listening to your priorities and needs is the single most important thing FST General Construction will do for you in the custom home building process. Your satisfaction and our reputation as a home builder depends on it.

Gas Fire Pit

A great place to be during a comfortable summer or winter evening is in front of a gas fire pit. Relaxing by the fire is an age-old human ritual that comforts and soothes children and adults alike. A fire pit can extend back yard use through fall and winter. In fact, fire pits have become so popular that some builders construct them as part of the package for their higher-priced homes. When considering a fire pit, keep in mind it’s location, space around it, the proper materials, contruction and safety issues. FST will consider all of these factors and more when we build your fire pit.

Home Addition

FST General Construction can help you with any home addition project. No matter how big or small your planned addition is, you can count on our team to turn your vision into a reality. Common additions are bedrooms, garages, and sunrooms. Additions add square footage, value, and can be cheaper than moving to another place with more room. FST General Construction’s high level of workmanship will help your home retain that added value.

General Contracting

As your general contractor, our priority will be to save you time, ensure high-quality work, and make sure the site is safe and clean. Below are reasons to hire FST General Construction.

Planning and design: FST General Construction has extensive experience to budget realistically so that your dream addition matches up with financial reality.

Permits and inspections: Mr. Hall is familiar with local building codes and will work to ensure that the plans for the addition will meet the regulations.

Subcontractors: FST will be responsible for hiring all subcontractors, and for overseeing and managing all the work completed by the subcontractors.

Site preparation: Frederick will oversee site preparation so that work can begin. This might involve excavation for a ground-level addition, demolition work, or stabilization of the existing structure when adding upper-story living space.

Materials: FST General is knowledgeable about the wide variety of building materials, fixtures and finishes available, but can also investigate alternative products that the homeowner may be interested in using.

Home Repair

FST General Construction can repair just about anything in and around your home. Need a new roof? Done. Dry rot along the gables and sidings of your home. No problem. Issues with uneven window installations, door frames or support beams? Not a problem. FST General can fix your broken house. Give FST a call or drop an email and just ask for an estimate.


Painting is service that requires a high level of skill, attention to detail, patience and eye for what works and doesn’t work when giving your home the color it needs. FST General Construction can provide painting services inside and outside your home. Contact us for details.